Submarine HMS Neptun

4th of September, Karlskrona, 2012.

Yesterday me and my bigsister went to Stumholmen to watch when the submarine HMS Neptun were supposed to come up from the barge and onto land. We was there at 10am and stayed until 2.30pm (cause we couldn't stay no more) and it was actually really nice sitting there and watching the submarine.
Although the submarine hadn't touch land until around 5pm I guess.
Later that evening I went there with the rest of the family (the ones that are in Karlskrona, right now) and then we saw when HMS Neptun left the barge and went into place where the new museum is gonna be.
Cause they're gonna build a new museum next to the Marinmuseum, which is gonna be all about submarines. So they needed to get HMS Neptun up on land, and they're also gonna put the first swedish submarine, HMS Hajen (the shark in swedish, hehe) in the museum, before they're beginning to build the actually museum.
I find it really interesting!
And yes, HMS Neptun is only 50 meters long and weigh: 810 tonnes.
Not so much for a submarine (apparently), but it's still an awesome big thingy.

Postat av: Ingrid

Vilka vackra bilder Karin! Mina favoriter! <3 Nu saknar jag er.

2012-09-06 @ 07:23:22
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2012-09-07 @ 12:22:17

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