"Close the gate behind you, sheep walks in the meadow."

30 August, 2011.

These are our sheep on the island.
They are very cute, and very friendly!
We fed them with bread and they are crazy about it!

What a feeling

30 August, 2011.

The beautiful feeling when you get to have your own clothes.
Not the clothes I'm working in.

And yes, I have 35 (in US it's 4 and in UK it's 2...) in shoe size.


Alright. I'm alive.

I'm just working alot.
So when I don't, I'm with my friends here on the island or watching tv series.

Yeah, that pretty much is it.

Dream on

Everytime that I look in the mirror 
All these lines on my face gettin' clearer 
The past is gone 
It went by like dust to dawn 
Isn't that the way 
Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

I know what nobody knows 
Where it comes and where it goes 
I know it's everybody's sin 
You got to lose to know how to win

Dream on - Glee cast

Light up the world

Another thing is that I really like talking and writing in English.
Because people understands me nowadays.

Hey, I miss my friends from abroad! I miss you!

Go your own way

Yesterday I was at the hospital (nothing bad, I promise!), and they told me that I have a really good heart.
Strong, assidous and healthy. My pulse is lower than normal, but that means that I'm well-trained.
I like that. A lot.

And the fact that I still have delayed onset muscle soreness from this Tuesday are wonderful!

I can tell you that I have taken 9177 steps today (and the day is not over yet).
I like that, to know how many steps I have taken during the day.

It's inspiring.

World Scout Jamboree 2011, Part 5

This day was wonderful! Sunny, blue sky and many friends!
It was Culture Festival Day.
Everybody did something that was typical for their country and then showed or served it to everybody that came past their camp.

We did eat poffertjes (I can't get enough of them!!), homemade pasta, a dessert from Costa Rica (which did taste much like Rice pudding with coconut...), drank English lemonade, coffee from Qatar (you can see Ingrid holding their flag in the last picture) and so much more!!
It was really fun! And we got the opportunity to taste other countries specialities!

Hungary had a "Whipping area" (No joke!!) Look at picture 15!

I also saw some boys playing some music and they didn't even know each other. Look at picture 2!
One of them was playing a drum, and another one did play on a spade with a knife or a spoon. It was fantastic!

We did get and made many smiles this day.

Perfect insanity

I'm very much alive, yes. But I have very much to do, before I'm off again.
So I haven't had the time to take photos. (Therefore the pictures from the Jamboree...) Not with my Canon anyway.
The cam on my Macbook PRO works just fine, for this kind of things and for skyping.

As you can see so are my hair growing like tares. On me I have a linen from Spain - it's purple! (Yes, I know. The picture is in b/w. Well, some other picture then!)

Right now I'm just sitting down. Taking it easy. Collecting strenght.
Yawn from time to time. Listening to calm music.

I'm alive.

Third of August - My birthday at WSJ.

Oh, we did eat quite much on my birthday.
Breakfast at the UK foodhouse with twinsister and friends - which was great!
Then my parents visited the Jamboree, so we had some fika together.
With candles and strawberrys! It was lovely!
And during the afternoon we fixed two birthdaycakes! Which we shared together with my parents, sistertwinsister and friends.

A lovely birthday!


There have been some heartbreaking thoughts and talks this evening.
Many of my friends are moving to another city or island, and I'll not. Not yet anyway.
I'll miss them like crazy, and I'm sorry but its apparently not my time to start study again.
I have accepted that now, after many thoughts and talks.
But hey, I'll come and visit you, friends, count on that!

So, you could say that I have the whole world in front of me - and I have! Hell yes!
I'll do the best with it, because I'm going to do what I want to do.
It will be a secret until it happens - it's in progress... I can tell you that, but nothing more and nothing less.

My desk is full with papers, both large and pieces. I have different coloured pens to make everything a little bit more coloured!
I have many papers to sign and send to other places before they will come to the right persons.

Right now I'm listening to Placebo.
Hear them out.



We did eat "some" poffertjes during the Jamboree, mostly because Holland had their own foodhouse at the Jam.


Right now, I'm puking on course literature that cost like hell!

World Scout Jamboree 2011, Part 4

Etiquette for a Lady II

Etiquette for a Lady


"Now I gotta cut loose, footloose"

Right now I'm sitting on a chair in our kitchen, with my feets on another chair. My butt has fallen asleep. (Ha ha)
I saw the movie Footloose a few days ago, so now I'm dancing inside.

But now I'm preparing for everything that is going to happen! Fantastic!

World Scout Jamboree 2011, Part 3

27 July

We sat on a hay bale after a long day and looked at the sunset.

World Scout Jamboree 2011, Part 2

I had a happy twinsister with her id-card!

Our home for the last 14 days. With two lovely boys!

Off to the Main Arena for our IST opening ceremony.

We were about 8000 ISTs (International Service Team). Here are just a few of them.

World Scout Jamboree 2011, Part 1

I'm home!
This have absolutely been an adventure!
I have been at the same place with people from 150 other countries. And that, I'll tell you, was AWESOME!

For 14 days I have been:
- at the World Scout Jamboree 2011.
- eating in a dinnerhall where about 4000 people could eat at the same time.
- writing for the Jamboree Magazine during the camp.
- sleeping in a tent for two weeks.
- dancing in the rain.
- screaming.
- singing insanely!
- nineteen until the third of August. (So now I'm 20... old girly! Or not!)
- eating apfelstrudel.
- playing games.
- met new friends!
- eating cakes!
- looking at many sunsets.
- really happy!

I'll be posting photos from the camp, and recommend things that you should see at the website.

And, to all of you who isn't a scout. It's not what you think it is! We don't sit in the woods and carving.
For example, I have now seen Timbuktu (SONG), Hoffmaestro (SONG), Daniel Lemma (SONG), Sanna Nielsen (SONG)(I don't like her music!), Kate Ryan (SONG) and Europe (SONG)! That is not bad. Absolutely not.

I hope this will change your opinion about Scouting (if you have a weird opinion about it...). Because it's a wonderful organisation!

So if you're curious what we have been doing at the camp you can take a look at the Jamboree TV and read the magazine on the website HERE! You can also take look at my pictures when they're uploaded. Enjoy!

World Scout Jamboree 2011.

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