New Year's Eve

I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing or posting anything for some days.
But I have been doing other things. Being with my family before they all go different ways again.
Which will be quite soon...

But hey!
It's the last day of 2011 today! Beautiful!

Right now I'm looking for something to wear for tonight!
I'm gonna eat really good food, and after that meet great people and have a great time!
I hope you will have a great evening!

See you next year!
2012, here I come!

Christmas Eve

I had a lovely Christmas Eve with my family!
I got many beautiful presents!

Now I can't wait until the new year begins!

The traditional Walk on Christmas Eve

We went on the traditional Christmas Eve walk to the churchyard to say hi to
grandfather, grandmother and grandfather and light candles.
As expected we didn't get snow this christmas, but we did the best of it.

As always it was really nice to take a walk with the whole family.

The Day before Christmas

On the day before Christmas we have a tradition that a friend of
the family comes to us, to eat rice pudding and christmas ham with mustard.

It was very nice as always.


It was sibling-evening!
Yep. We (me, I and C) walked home to M and there she was making Risotto with saffron in!
We had a great evening with much to eat and a lot to talk about.

It was nice.

Damn it!

We have had a crazy rainweather for the past days.
We'll not have a white christmas and it's making me sad.
Damn you, weather!


A picture of your room

At least it's a piece of my room.
I really like my room, especially when it's dark and a lonely lamp shines.


Why did you start bloging?

Well, I guess that I just wanted to show my pictures and write about my days.
Nowadays I just do it for my family. For my siblings that are at other places in Sweden, where I'm not.

Bringing shelter from the rain

Alright, It's kinda nice sitting here and have it like this.

Rainy days!

It has been raining for days, and as you can see we still have a green lawn!
I'm waiting for the snow, but I have almost realised that we probably will not have any snow on Christmas Eve.
It make me kinda sad, because I love snow...My friends and family knows that.

But hey! It's less than a month until I'll be going to France! YES!

Då såg jag en bild av en flicka

I have a beautiful moon outside my window.
My window with raindrops on.

Simultaneously when I'm listening to the song "Flickan och Kråkan" with Timbuktu.
That is one really good cover.

BTH students Christmas Concert

My sister has been singing in a choir!
So they had a Christmas concert, you could call it, so I went to see it and it was wonderful!

I also saw that Kaan, a friend of mine, also sang in the choir! It was really nice to see him!


Another picture of you and your friends

This is really a wonderful moment. I remember it very well.

I love you two. ♥


Songs you listen to when you're happy, sad, bored, hyped and mad

Happy: Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Sad: Out Tonight - RENT Soundtrack
Bored: Defying Gravity - Wicked
Hyped: All Because Of You - Royal Republic
Mad: Running up that hill - Placebo

Lucia Saffron Buns-making!

Pepparkakshelg 2011.

So this last weekend I was up in Stockholm, out on the island Vässarö.
We had a reunion from the summer, and it was nice.
I met friends I haven't met since this summer and friends I haven't seen since last summer.

We walked a bit around the island so a few photos got made.

And if you remember Pepparkakshelgen last year you can't believe that it's true!
Take a look at these pictures and then the first picture in this blogpost with grass in the background...
A real change in the weather!
I can't believe that it is true.

But hey, I had a wonderful weekend anyway!


Something you're proud of in the past few days

Alright... I'm proud of myself that I have been going to work even though I haven't been feeling well.


I'm kinda sick.
Snotty nose, heavy-headed and a sore body.

The Point of No Return

Right now I would like to write a long blogpost about this world that is so unfair.
So fucking unfair.
Yes, I used the f-word because this time it's the best word to describe this.
Well, there are no exactly word for this, but the f-word is the closest I can figure out.

I have cried for persons who have a really hard time right now.
They are persons that are close to me, and I feel with them, but I can never really feel how it really feels.

The worst part for me is that I can't do anything.
It's really the worst feeling I know.
When I can't do anything for them.

If I could I would do everything for them.
To take away the pain, the sadness or whatever it's that is so unfair.
I will not write any names - you know who you are.

I love you. ♥
Do not forget that.

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