Beautiful eyes

15 April.

I found this picture today, and it must say that I love my eyes!
They seem so big and glittery! I love them!


22 June, Vässarö, Stockholm.

Sometimes we get so tired that we take some siesta.

Sunshine, laugh and wonderful people!

Some days ago we went canoing on our time off.
The weather was great, and we had so fun!

22 June, Vässarö, Stockholm.


This spring (at the same place last autumn) I worked at Vässarö in the archipelago of Stockholm.
One day my sister took some photos of me when I changed the paperboardpress.

28 May, Vässarö, Stockholm.
Photographer: Ingrid Bergman


from weheartit.

Not feeling well.

I'm not feeling so well. Right now.
I have had a fever for two days, and now I don't hear so well...
I think it's a cold coming on. Dammit.

Right now I'm kinda cloven.
I want to be fresh and feeling well! I missed all midsummer... all the dance and songs.
It breaks my heart a little bit. Most of it is because all these friends of mine who got out here during midsummer... the ones I haven't met for a year or so. It sucks really.

I have very much in my head now. It is very weary...

We're all right.

20 June, 2011.

Dear, heart.

Food delivery.

Today I have been driving 15 cages with food on.
A huge crazy deal of food I would like to say!
150 kilos red onions... okey, that was a mistake. We just wanted 30 kilos.

So right now my body is like a piece of meat that hurts all the time, whatever I do.
I'm tired. Did I forget to say that?

I'm tired.

So true.

Purple dress.

1 June, 2011.

Time off.

1 June, 2011.
On my day-off I went for a walk on the island.
Today it's offically summer! First of June!
We had sunshine and warm weather!
Great - I have really missed you, summer!


30 april, 2011.

We don't always work so hard. Sometimes we even have time for a canoeride!
We brought fika and sat in the sunset for some hours.
I would like to call it wonderful!


29 May 2011.

We made sushi, pastasallad and smörgåstårta!

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