Okey. Now what?

Week of hell #1

Oh my god.
I'm so tired. What a hell week.
And it's almost over - at last!

We have had very beautiful classes on the island this week!
So I think it was win-win. Because it seems that they had a really good time,
and we have been working so much.

(But we did have a movie-night when some of the guys (in the staf) planed a movie and take-it-easy-evening.
At first our boss said to us that we're going around the island because we (the staf) hadn't done everything right...
Sneaky by our boss! But then we came down to the "boathouse" and there we got surprised with hot chocolate and more! Wonderful!)

So I'm glad that this week is over.
Very glad.

Now we have... about two weeks left with the schoolclasses.
Then the summer begins! Bring it on!

That's what friends are for

30 april, 2011.
Two friends of mine.

Come around sundown

19 may, 2011.

Day off.

Today I'm having my day off.
It's wonderful!


We who work here have a song together.
This spring it's this one.

Jack Sparrow - The Lonely Island feat Michael Bolton

You should hear it! And you must see the video!


I'm working. Alot.
So when I'm free I'm sleeping or taking some time off.
But I have some school and some other things I must do.
I'm trying to find more strength so that I can fix these things in time.
Actually I'm trying to find more strength for everything.
It's hard and I'm tired.

Vässarö #2

19 May, 2011.


Jag är för tillfället hemma i Karlskrona.
Det var obeskrivligt att sova i sin egna säng igen.
När jag hör fiskmåsarna på morgonen, när jag hör vinden vina och känna havsluften - då känns det riktigt härligt!

Jag har tagit det väldigt lugnt nu på morgonen.
Men nu är det dags att ta tag i lite saker.
Mail som ska skrivas ut. Papper som ska läsas.
Funderas på. Tänkas på. Förberedelse är nästan allt.

Vässarö #1

2-7 may, 2011.

Right now I'm on Vässarö again.
I'm working (not today, because I'm free) here and the weather has been wonderful!
The best part is that it's going to be much more wonderful!
Today it's going to be around 24 celsius, and sunshine!


Jag har skickat viktiga mail. Vuxenpoäng!


30 april, 2011.

1 maj.

1 maj, 2011.

When everybody left the island, we took some time of!
With fika and sun.
Very nice, yep!

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