Short term goals for this month

- Laugh a lot.
- Go to the library and loan more great books.
- Finish my knitting.
- Get more prepared for France in January.
- Finish the book I'm reading right now.


A picture of someone that has the biggest impact on you and why

This is my twinsister.
I don't need to say more.


Favorite superhero and why

My favorite superhero is, no question, The Phantom.
He's really the biggest superhero for me.
During my younger years I have read so many comics with The Phantom.
I still do sometimes, and it's still so good!

"By Jungle Law
The Ghost Who Walks
Calls forth the strength of ten tigers"


A picture of somewhere you've been to

Parc Güell, Barcelona, Spain, 2008.


A habit you wish that you didn't have

Well... That was a hard one.
But here it goes:

Often when I'm going somewhere (when I'm home alone...) when it's close to home and I must be there at a specific time.
It often results in that I'm stressing, because I have had that thought "it's just 10 minutes away. I'll be in time."


Well, I get there in time, but all sweety and stressful.


A picture of you and your friends

I love you.

Concert with Royal Republic

I'm a very happy girl!!!

Yesterday I was at a concert with Royal Republic.
I have no words about how great it was.
I'm more hooked than before, and I don't know how that is possible.

I'm also a proud and happy owner of a beautiful tshirt! It's lovely!

If you haven't heard them before:

You will not be disappointed.


The meaning about your blogname

Well, it's nothing cryptically about my blogname.
Because it's my name.


A recent picture of you + 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. My favorite color is for sure PURPLE.
2. I love to read books!
3. My twinsister is my absolute soulfriend.
4. I exercise more than others do, mostly because I find it so fun!
5. I often fall asleep on my back.
6. I always change my desktop background depending what season it is.
7. My biggest anger is against people who let me down.
8. I love to smile and laugh!
9. I go for three things to feel good: Sleep, food and exercise. (thanks to my mother!)
10. I can't tell which season is my favorite, because each season have its own beauty.
11. I go barefoot all year round.
12. My hair grows like weeds.
13. I have a weird craving for fantasy; books, movies, tv series.
14. I love hard music such as metal, hard rock and rock.
15. Feta cheese is something I can eat a lot of. Really a lot.

That was it!

30 things

Alright. I think I'll do a list with thirty things to do.
But I can't promise that I'll do this every day.

But it will happen.

1. A recent picture of you + 15 interesting facts about yourself
2. The meaning about your blogname
3. A picture of you and your friends
4. A habit you wish that you didn't have
5. A picture for somewhere you're been to
6. Favorite superhero and why
7. A picture of something that has biggest impact on you and why
8. Short term goals for this month
9. Something you're proud of in the past few days
10. Songs you listen to when you're happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
11. Another picture of you and your friends
12. Why did you start blogging?
13. A picture of your room
14. A picture of you and your family
15. Put you're iPod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play
16. Another picture of yourself
17. Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
18. Plans/dreams/goals you have
19. Nicknames you have: why do you have them?
20. Someone you see yourself marrying in the future
21. A picture of something that makes you happy
22. What makes you different from everyone else?
23. Something you crave a lot for
24. A letter to someone you miss
25. What I would find in my bag?
26. Your favorite time of the year
27. Why are you doing this 30 things challenge?
28. A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
29. In the past month, what have you learned?
30. Your favorite song

Yeah, I hope this will be fun!


There was an Adam who commented on my blogpost about "Snowboarding".
But I'm not sure which Adam it is.

So contact me if you want to know.

Time to change

So, alright, it's time to change my desktop background!

From this...

To this...



Alright! I'm so in a snowboarding-mode right now!
I wanna go snowboarding NOW! RIGHT NOW. AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT!

But hey, I'm going to France in January and will be snowboarding all days long. SO FREAKING NICE!

(pictures from weheartit)

Rethink twice

I have just been made to rethink.
About everything. About me. About my life. About the world.

There will always be people who will disappoint you.
But most of all, nothing will be how you want it to be.

I have many dreams, which many of them have been shattered this month.
It really feels like I don't have any luck at all.
With anything, and it's starting to get to me now.

But hey, I gotta stop.


Think and rethink twice.

Colorful autumn

Licking my wounds

Healing with tomfoolish, romantic and mind-blowing American comedy movies.


I'm sorry.
I'll be quiet for a while, until everything feels better.

Closing time

I just can't show you

Are you ready?

When you're feeling so ready that no one can bring you down.
I feel that way.

I just need some exercise this evening, good food and sleep.
Then I'll be ready.

Plans with the big P

I'm doing plans.
Because I have had a craving for something these past days.

I'm looking it up right now.
When, where and with whom.
How much it gonna cost and so on.

Until then, you'll not know anything about it.


Sunshine, be here.

29 October, 2011.

Every day I have this beautiful view outside my window.
It's not always sunny - the past days have been very cloudy so I haven't seen the houses on the other side of the water.

Beautiful view.

Third of November

I haven't talked to anyone this far today.
It's quite nice, actually.
(And yes, I'm going to talk to people today, yes. At least with my beautiful family!)

But hey, now I gotta go and do some lunch.
This day is fantastic! Remember to smile a lot!



I'm siting here with my favourite purple scarf around my neck.
Listening to a song called Quicksand.

I thought that I maybe would copy some of the lyrics here... but that lyrics was so depressing, I kind of just realised that when I read them! It's a very good song, but hey, I didn't take it for depressing, it really doesn't sound that way.
So... no lyrics!

I feel fine, but tired.
I ate a really strong soup for dinner and hope that this.. evil thing.. that seems to coming will not.
This afternoon I have been doing nothing (alright, I tried to sleep in front of the tv... didn't work out that well...) but watching Dirty Dancing, drinking tea, eating rusks and clementin.

That was all.
Buenas noches.

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