A little bit of sunshine


The boys wanted to do princesscakes, so we went to buy ingrediens and then they started!
I don't have a photo of the results... But I know where I should find it, so the results will come up here, some day.

Capbreton trip

Yesterday we went to Capbreton for a visit and take photos of old bunkers from the second world war.
France have tried to blow them up, but they're just moving a little bit aside, so now they have given it up.
It was cool and we went up on a few of them and felt the wind blowing as its best and the waves smashing in the bunkers. Cool!

After that we went to a café and took it easy for a while.

What shall we do...

So what are we doing when there's a storm outside and we're tired of watching movies?


The third storm

This is unbelievable.
Now we have the third storm in about two weeks. This can't be true!

There will be no surfing today, because there is so messy and about... 6-7 meters waves. Insane!
Maybe I'll get some photos of them, but it's quite hard. Besides it's cold outside.
(But it can't bemuch more colder than it's already is in our house.
One door opened by the wind tonight and stood open when we got down to make breakfast.
No shit that it's cold in here.)

But hey! I'm trying to have a good mood! Sometimes it gonna get better!
Because after rain it comes sunshine! That's a fact!

Going surfing!

Salut Biarritz!

We went to Biarritz one rainy, cloudy and windy day.
It was an expensive town and not alot people were outside (no shit).
We had some adventures finding our ways to first Bayonne and the Biarritz.
More adventures on our way home when we didn't found any sign to Capbreton or Hossegor.
But we did get home safely! Hehe.

Adventures, I like!

Walking in Hossegor

I'm alive!

As you can see on the pictures - I'm having a good time and hopefully the weather will get better from now on!
And one of the best parts is that I'm going barefoot like all days long. He he.

Surf's up!

Koala Surf House

Hossegor, Soorts-Hossegor, France

It has been some clouds and rainy for the first days when I got here.
It looked like this, but the view is awesome!

3rd of April

I'm leaving today.
Some of you have gotten a travelplan, so you know where I'll be.
Soon I'll be on my way.

Love to you all!
(especially to my family and nearest friends )

I'm a plum!

Yesterday I finished my plum-cap!
I love it and can't believe that it went out so good!


I got a present the other day from one of my dearest friends.

I'm speechless!!

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