Plans are in the making

Not much, dawg

I'm actually don't have anything interesting to tell.
I'm doing stuff and don't know anything more than that, and that's not funny.
But nevertheless, I'm a happy girl.
(in my superduper pretty tshirt and with my hair all over. yep, happy girl.)

What are friends?

People who care about how you feel.
People who make you laugh.
People who make you smile even though you don't want to.
People who gives out hugs and kisses when you need it.
People who are there when you're crying.
People who are doing the most wild things with you.
People who you can tell all kinds of things.
People who love you.
More or less.
I just got that feeling when you realise how lucky you are.
I got alot of friends who love and care about me.

Books are my paradise

I got alot of books when I turned 21 years.
I love books and I can't get enough of them.
They're all really awesome!
Here're a few of them.
You should check them out!
The World Stormrider Guide, Volume Three.
How to be an explorer of the world by Keri Smith.
Wreck this journal by Keri Smith.


Cred for the photos goes to Ingrid!!
I went longboarding with my sisters on my longboard.
It was awesome to do something with them together, now when they're home at last!
(Or if it's me that's home at last? He he.)
I found a new thing to love: to longboard in a dress and crappy shoes.

More photos from France!

I found a few more photos from Hossegor, France.
All my friends! I miss you!
(I love that the pictures are in different sizes!)

France seen from my Instagram account

4 of April - 27 of June
I had a wonderful time in Hossegor this spring.
I'll absolutely go back and met my lovely friends, surf and longboard alot!


I just got back home in Karlskrona!
I'll update you all laters!
With all my love.

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