I have been making 91 cinnamon buns!
The scent in our house now... is so good!

My mother and father will be happy. When they are walking into our house, they will feel the scent and feel the welcome-home-scent.
And yesterday I did homemade bread. This is wonderful.

But hey, now I gotta go do some important things!


The time is around 9:25 am, and I'm in the kitchen doing somethiiiing!
Care to quess what I'm doing?

A pursuit some called outstanding

Metal Health - Quiet Riot


I'm really psyched up!
Last week I trained four times, in different traininggroups! Hell yeah!

Let's get this party starting!

And it's too late now to put out the fire

Hey! This week I did a bargain - I bought a big purple cardigan! The most amazing thing I have now.
The price was only 40 kronors. Unbelievable! 

I'll end this week with training, really nice company this evening and a smile on my face.

Christopher Paolini

Today I finished the book Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.
About 900 pages.
IT WAS AWESOME. I'm really... blown away!

And right now I feel empty. No shit sherlock.
But hey, if you haven't read them and you like fantasy - READ THEM!

(Johannes, here you got a booktip but I know you have already read them... More another time! (and hopefully another book which you haven't read) Promise!)

We all go back to where we belong

1 February, 2012.

What is life?

Nowadays I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
And I can honestly tell you that I don't have a clue what I want to study or work with.
That question is inside my head every day, every second: What do you want to do with your life??
Big question right.

I know some things I don't want to work with, and sure, it's a step forward. But it doesn't help much.
There are some things I would like to learn. But it's not that easy, sadly.
Alright, alright, who said that everything is easy in life? Nobody did.

Today I realized that what you work with or study isn't everything.
Everything is who you spend your time with during your work, studytime or simply life.
But apart from that you should do something anyway, if you don't want to go nuts.

A close friend of mine once told me that I should do something I think is funny.
A thing that make me happy, gives me a hardtime sometimes,
make me want to learn more and the most important: that make me laugh.

This journey is still here.
I try not to see it as an obstacle.
This is a part of life.

Right now:



Sunday Snow Walk

5 February, 2012.

Don't forget

Random pictures from January

Some Instagram pictures from January.
Both from Sweden and France.

I see now that it looks like I only have eaten all January... Which I haven't.
But I have been eating very good food this month!

I miss the snow and the snowboarding. I'm starting to crawl out of my skin.
I could die for some more weeks down in France. (Alright, now exactly die... But you get it.)


When I woke up, the view outside my window looked like this.
Then I already knew that this is going to be a beautiful day.
A few hours later it's looking like this.

Give me a head with Hair

Lately I have been thinking about doing something with my hair.
It's very long nowadays and it's most of the time in the way.
But I haven't figured out what I should do with it.
Maybe I should shave the other side too? (since I'm already shave on one side...)
But I don't know!

Some suggestions?


Fanta Limón (one of my weaknesses...), Brusselsbiscuit and a clementine.


1 February, 2012.

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