If my grandmother was still alive, she would turn 100 years today.
Therefore I did two rhubarbpies, the rhubarbs we got from a neighbour from their garden (thanks alot, alot!).
My grandmother loved rhubarbpie. I love rhubarbpie. 

A big part of my heart

Llafranc, Spain, 2012.

The big beautiful blue

Calella, Spain, 2012.

Living on the run

I'm back in Sweden.
I have unpacked my bags, and before Saturday they're gonna be packed again.
Yes, right now, I'm living on the run.
2 July, Llafranc, Spain, 2012.

Walkabout to Tamariu

2 July, from Calella de Palafrugell to Tamariu, 2012.
One day we decided to walk to Tamariu.
It took the whole day and it was really nice surroundings!
I can't get enough of the views in Spain. It's so nice with the sea and the turquoise water!
Yum yum!

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