Longboarding, I love you!



Amazing day

Did I mention that I'm having a great time in Hossegor?
This picture is about twelve minutes old and it's still an amazing day.

25 degrees

Today we have had 25 degrees.
So hot and barely no wind.

So nice.

Over and out.

My new love

Boards and wetsuit

So now I have changed boards twice.
First from a big NSP, to the green/yellow board on the left and now I have that cute blue/white NSP board to the right.

Let us see how this will go! Hepp, hepp!

(And now I'm using a 4.3 wetsuit! Hopefully in a day or two I'll go down to a 3.2 when it gets warmer)

Storm #4

When we got another storm (again), we improvised and put a longboard in front of the doors so that they'll not open.
Quite funny!

Sunny Biarritz

10th of May, Biarritz, France, 2012.

Sleeping beauty

9th of May, Hossegor, France, 2012.


9th of May, Hossegor, France, 2012.

Burst of rain

8th of May, Hossegor, France.

Jetski Competition

6th May, Hossegor, France, 2012.

Linn's birthday!

4th May, Hossegor, France, 2012.

It was Linn's birthday!
Elis bought a cake, Nora bought a cake, I bought rosé and Linn bought beer.
Hehe, so we had a wonderful evening!!

After dinner, I and Linn went longboarding to Le Surfing about 15 minutes up the coast and were drinking more rosé, after a while we longboarded back and went to Dick's sand bar. Danced, drank beer and met nice people!

A great day and night!

On the schedule: Surfing!

30 April, Hossegor, France.

A random day at Koala

30 April, Hossegor, France.

Lifesaving competition

28 April, Hossegor, France.

Elis had a lifesaving competition and it went really well for him!
It was quite fun to watch, but it was raining and was really windy so it was so cold.

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