Winter 2012/2013

So I know that a lot of you have been wondering what I'm going to do this winter.
I'm gonna tell you now, and actually I'm gonna work in Tandådalen, Sälen, Sweden.
I'm gonna work and live in the snow for about four months.
I can't wait!

What's about to come...

Coloring autumn

I'm trying to color autumn when all the leaves has left the trees and the beautiful colors are no longer there.

My newest burden

Keso on hard bread.
Gosh, how can it taste so good!?
I love it.
(Before I couldn't stand it. I guess I'm growing up...)

Soon it will be over

So, I'm really just studying nowadays.
It's crazy. But soon it will be over.


14 of November.
We had sushi for dinner.


14 of November.
I had promised Ingrid to make a lemonmeringuecake when she got home, so I did.

Snack and Backgammon

14 of November.
My sister is home for the weekend.
We started it with a daily snack and backgammon.
It's on!

What's new?

I got some things to tell you. It's kinda awesome and it's about what I'm going to do this winter.
But, I'll not tell you until next week, cause I have some things to sign and post first.
Until then, you'll have to survive! 

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