What I'm doing nowadays? Studying, to make time go faster (and of course to learn stuff!).

Happy weekend

Last weekend I was in Stockholm. To hang out with some friends, and some other stuff.
Here are some pictures from Instagram. I'm so bad at taking picture nowadays. Shame on me.
Although I had a wonderful weekend with really nice people, breakfasts, sharing a sofa, questiongames, souptime, party and adventures.

Music is what we call life

So I've got some more music for ya.
Both newies and oldies.
Somebody that I used to know - Walk Off the Earth
(an oldie but oh so good)
One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) - Asaf Avidan
(I like this song, I don't really know just why...)
The Story Of Us - Taylor Swift
We are rebels - Alice In Videoland
(this is one of my new favourites though it's an old song)
50 ways to say Goodbye - Train
(The beginning is still after a few listenings a little bit weird and awesome...)
I'm off.

Music is a wonderful thing

So I found some new songs that I like.
Here you go!
Somewhere only we know by Keane
(I like this version with Max Schneider and Elizabeth Gillies.)
Some Nights by Fun.
(The song doesn't start until 1 minute into.)
Eyes wide open by Gotye
(This video is soooo weird, but I love the song!)
That was all!
Hope you'll enjoy the songs! I know I do!

Eyes Wide Open

That lust and fire


11th of September, Karlskrona, 2012.
Instagram: karin_bergman

Soon it will be autumn and then I can't longboard anymore.
So I'm trying to do it as much as I like before it's to late.
I have a really nice street close to where I live, and no people at all.
It's the perfect street, but I would love if it just started tilt a little bit more than it does...
Then it would have been absolutely perfect.

One Van, One Love by The Foam Magazine

One Van, One Love.
(article here)
One day I'm gonna do this.
End of story.

Submarine HMS Neptun

4th of September, Karlskrona, 2012.

Yesterday me and my bigsister went to Stumholmen to watch when the submarine HMS Neptun were supposed to come up from the barge and onto land. We was there at 10am and stayed until 2.30pm (cause we couldn't stay no more) and it was actually really nice sitting there and watching the submarine.
Although the submarine hadn't touch land until around 5pm I guess.
Later that evening I went there with the rest of the family (the ones that are in Karlskrona, right now) and then we saw when HMS Neptun left the barge and went into place where the new museum is gonna be.
Cause they're gonna build a new museum next to the Marinmuseum, which is gonna be all about submarines. So they needed to get HMS Neptun up on land, and they're also gonna put the first swedish submarine, HMS Hajen (the shark in swedish, hehe) in the museum, before they're beginning to build the actually museum.
I find it really interesting!
And yes, HMS Neptun is only 50 meters long and weigh: 810 tonnes.
Not so much for a submarine (apparently), but it's still an awesome big thingy.

Goodmorning and welcome, September

This past week I've had a few weak moments.
And when I'm thinking back at it, I can't really get it why I had them.
This confuses me a bit.
But, on the other hand I decided early this week that today, Saturday the First of September, things will change.
I'm gonna fix my training-card and start training again, for real. I'll be starting today, ofcourse.
I absolutely don't like it when you haven't had the chance to exercise and the first couple of weeks when you have started and it's such a pain in the ass and your body will ache whatever you do, every hour, all day around.
But I can't say that I don't like when I have delayed onset muscle soreness, because I love it!
It means that I have worked hard enough.
It's getting more chilly outside, and I can see how the autumn is coming.
I actually saw some men cleaning the streetlights yesterday, that really means that autumn is coming.
I can't tell you that I'm sorry for that, I like autumn. When you get to have more clothes on yourself (not that I don't like to go barefoot and with only shorts and tshirt), and your autumnshoes will find their way out of the wardrobe.
Goodmorning and welcome, September.
We gonna make this a wonderful month.

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