Goodmorning and welcome, September

This past week I've had a few weak moments.
And when I'm thinking back at it, I can't really get it why I had them.
This confuses me a bit.
But, on the other hand I decided early this week that today, Saturday the First of September, things will change.
I'm gonna fix my training-card and start training again, for real. I'll be starting today, ofcourse.
I absolutely don't like it when you haven't had the chance to exercise and the first couple of weeks when you have started and it's such a pain in the ass and your body will ache whatever you do, every hour, all day around.
But I can't say that I don't like when I have delayed onset muscle soreness, because I love it!
It means that I have worked hard enough.
It's getting more chilly outside, and I can see how the autumn is coming.
I actually saw some men cleaning the streetlights yesterday, that really means that autumn is coming.
I can't tell you that I'm sorry for that, I like autumn. When you get to have more clothes on yourself (not that I don't like to go barefoot and with only shorts and tshirt), and your autumnshoes will find their way out of the wardrobe.
Goodmorning and welcome, September.
We gonna make this a wonderful month.

Postat av: Eva

Great strategy!
Go for it!
❤ 🍂

2012-09-01 @ 20:29:33

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