Hossegor 13'

I've made a playlist from my summer in Hossegor.
It's an awesome playlist.

"Fit for fight" is coming up!

It's time to start exercising again. Can't wait!
It's especially gonna be good cause I bought myself two new sport-bhs today.
Tomorrow is the right day.

One day more

A lot have happened:
1) Been surfing for 2 months in France, this summer.
2) Bought my own surfboard.
3) Sold my own surfboard.
4) I'm 22 y/o.
5) Owner of an earthglob (can't get enough of it).
6) I've started studying at Hyper Island.
7) The past week have been the best week of my life, so far.
I can't describe such a nice summer I've had,
and it couldn't been ending better than a new adventuros beginning at Hyper Island.
Lots of love

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